The trip home from Korea to North Carolina is a really long flight.

The night before I left was really nice.  I went to dinner after work with Joanne, Eileen, and the new girl replacing me, Kate.  We went to eat galbi which is so Korean that it makes for a perfect last meal.  We had some food, drinks, and good conversation.

The morning that I left was really hectic.  My boss wasn’t able to release my severance to me until the night before I left Korea.  That meant that I couldn’t close down my account there until the morning that I left.  I had a midday flight, but because of Hans I had to leave an hour earlier.  Unfortunately, because of the bank’s schedule that wasn’t going to be an option.  I was kind of panicked, but I had Eileen to help me and stuff. She also helped get me to the bus stop so I could catch the bus to the airport.

The people at the airport were really unhappy with my timing, but there was nothing I could do.  I finally got Hans all taken care, spent my ridiculous time going through security and finally made it on the plane.

My first flight wasn’t so bad, but once I arrived for my layover in Tokyo, I had to go through security again.  It made no sense to me because I never left the terminal I was in. I never went anywhere to get anything, and all in all I went through security 5 times. 5 times! absurd.

after hours and hours and hour…like 18 hours I finally arrived in DC. I checked on Hans and made it through immigration and such.  I was so looking forward to my last leg, which was only an hour long flight home.  I was looking forward to Mexican food and a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Then in DC there was bad weather. like delayed my flight for 4 hours.  Sat on the plane and waited as the engines started and stopped 3 times before we could finally leave.  It was so frustrating to know my parents were waiting, and not to mention I was just exhausted. I mean exhausted.

On the long flight I took a sleeping pill because I really just can’t sleep on planes.  I got comfortable and waited for it to kick in…it didn’t…so I took another one…still no luck so I was up for more than a day by the time I got home.

It was awesome to hug my mom and get my cat and just go home.

of course my mom cried and held on for a really long hug.

I had some awesome food waiting on me and was amazed just how much my spice level has grown in the last year.  The spiciest salsa barely even registered on my taste buds. I also got Hans everything he would need in terms of food, litter box, and toys.

As tired as I was I still had trouble sleeping that first night  and adjusting to being back.