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The Faucet Affair

I have created a faucet lapping monster.

Hans has always been weird about the bathroom.  He will sit outside the door while I shower and talk to me.  He will come in the bathroom and try and drink shower water off the floor but I don’t let him since its a shower floor which is gross.  And he is terribly afraid of a flushing toilet.

Well, lately his relationship with the bathroom has changed ever so slightly.  He has decided that he is giving up the gross life of post shower water for a cleaner more luxurious lifestyle of straight from the tap water.  I know many cats love this little source of hydration, but Hans had never showed interest before last week while I was getting ready for bed doing the nightly routine of teeth brushing and face washing.  Now he is like this addicted monster.  Any time I go into the bathroom he dashes in and jumps up to the sink and starts lapping at the faucet waiting for me to turn on the water.  He’s so silly.

Also, side note:  in order to get Hans in the smoothest way possible he needs to be wearing a collar and tags and such.  Well, he has never had to wear a collar before as far as I know.  So I got him one about a week ago to help him get used to the idea.  So far he just sits trying to chew it off.  It’s not too tight or anything he just really hates it.  He looks ridiculous trying to tear at it, but I am more afraid hes going to hurt himself.  Oh well, only 2 more weeks until we are home sweet home Stateside.


Month 5

wow…has it been another month already?

This month went by really fast. really, really fast.  We finally for real booked the booked the boyfriend’s ticket booked.  I can’t wait!

I got into a huge fight with my boss. She threatened to fire me because she completely misunderstood everything that happened which was awful and kind of forced me to realize that even when you’re the most stubborn person ever sometimes you just don’t get a chance to explain yourself.  Sometimes you just have to bow your head, say you’re sorry and hope that your work life doesn’t get worse. It still sucks, but hey I got at least the three days in August I wanted.

I got to meet up with a friend I studied with in Denmark that I haven’s seen since June 2008.  Then I realized just how long I had been away from Europe and how much I still miss it. Then all of this led to me realizing the difference between here and there.  In Europe I was studying so I got long breaks, I didn’t have to go to class if I didn’t want to, I could travel and explore.  Here I feel more chained.  Every day I do the same thing for the most part.  Wake up, gym, shower, food, work, sleep. rinse and repeat.  And I know this is the way life is for 90% of people it really just kills me that I feel this way at 23. I hate that I can’t just call in sick and take a day off here. so it goes.

But hey on a better note it is officially a little less than a month until my birthday! I love birthdays and I can’t wait to see what goes down here.  I have already started planning my 80’s themed party.  It is so easy to find clothes that look like 1984 threw up on them here.

Also, I rearranged my apartment. Cue the pictures and funny story…well, I will try and make it funny because it might be a need to be there story.

So, the other day I found a couch on the sidewalk.  My friend Tom helped me carry it home.  I decided that I wanted to put my bed up in the loft because I really wanted a separation from where I sleep to where people are when they come to my apartment.  I was feeling much to collegy and not using my space to its fullest potential.

Anyway, so I was going to have the boys help, only Rachel, Sara, and I decided we could do it alone…then Sara got tied up sooo it was just Rachel and I.  We took the mattress off and slowly took the frame apart.  The frame wasn’t quite so heavy and neither was the headboard, buuuut the mattress was another story.  It really is suuuuuper heavy because the box springs and mattress are all in the same little layer. Anyway so I am sitting on my ladder trying to pull, she is pushing, and I have a terrible case of the nervous giggles.  Then we have to turn it over flat to actually get it in the loft.  Only its really heavy and its really high up in the loft. She thinks she will be crushed and I just picture a movie scene moment and then laughed harder and almost dropped it and then was sad that no one there was to watch this feat we had accomplished. So here are the pictures of the semi finished project.  I want to get another low table and one of my walls is uber bare so I need to get some posters or something to hang up. I also got this plant from Rachel and thought it would look perfect on the table only the cat has tried to eat it repeatedly like cats doooo so I might just be plantless here.

so now I have a little sitting area and its all comfy.

My card/postcard hanging wall ^_^

and now my little loft nook:

Hopefully this next month will continue to be enjoyable and trouble free.

Month 4 Check-In

So here is a little video update for you guys. I tried to upload it directly into the entry buuut it wouldn’t let me because it wasn’t the right type after I compressed it so blah blah blah point is I made a video update this month. 🙂

Also, there is really no appearance from Hans because we are not on speaking terms. He decided to get into the trash and scatter it alllll over my apartment, and claw a hole in the wall straight through to the concrete. I am hoping I can just paint over it and no one will notice since it is up in loft, but his clawing up of things is starting to drive me crazy. I need to get a claw file or something that actually exists to stop this madness.

anyway, enjoy the video!

Valentine’s Day

In Korea Valentine’s Day is a bit different.  First off, girls don’t get anything.  This days is only for boys.  Boys receive gifts from girls that like them. Then one month later there is a holiday called White Day. On this day boy’s will pick from the girls that gave them gifts and let them know they are the one they choose.  It’s very Sadie Hawkins and also I think a way for candy companies to get twice as much. I’m on to them. 🙂

Anyway, my Valentine’s Day was spent at work doing the norm and then I went to a larger grocery store than my normal shop with a couple of girl friends.  We were doing fine until the cheese then we all caved and brought home gouda and brie that was much outside of a normal priced block of cheese back home, but totally worth it.Also I found wheat bread and almost peed my pants with excitement.

Then we found the salmon sashimi platter. We knew we were done in for it then.  So we brought our goods home and had a little midnight snack of delicious treats.  We laughed and talked and I had a great hour with them. We finished up with delicious Belgian Chocolates that Sara gave both Rachel and I as a Vday gift.

Our amazing spread. I swear I gained all my weight back just looking at that cheese.

Lastly, my loft is now named Pride Rock like in the Lion King.  Hans has decided he likes to sit up there and gaze down upon his kingdom in a ‘everything the light touches is your son.” kind of way.  He looks so judgey up there gazing upon us and our treats.

He’s so cute.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When it rains it pours

Oh Korea…things don’t just happen here, they come in waves.

This past week my apartment has had one failure after another. It started small with a blown light bulb in the bathroom.

Then apparently a vent wasn’t closed properly in the boiler closet that I have never even opened by the way and so my pipes froze and I had no hot water for almost 5 days. Luckily, we had a day above 32F and so in those few “warm” hours they unfroze enough that they are now working fine. My boss kept asking me to wait before she sent someone over. um hello. NO HOT WATER isnt really something you can just go days without. Rachel, thankfully, was kind enough to let me use her shower.

Now I am pretty sure my washer is on the fritz. It keeps hitting error on the spin cycle. Not pleasant. and my fridge doesn’t seal properly which is going to kill my electric bill. For the moment duct tape works, though I just don’t know why they never update these darn things.

When Eileen came over and saw all of my appliances she was kind of shocked by the ancient-ness of them. I am also afraid my boss would try and make me pay for it which wouldn’t be fair. So for now I am just trying to keep things together with tape and lots of stern threats aimed at my appliances.

Also, can someone please tell me why I decided to come to Korea while they of course have a winter that is one of the coldest in the entire history of the nation. No really, why?

Only one week left of my ridiculous day schedule then it’s back to my night owl ways that come so much more natural than this 8:30-5:30 business.

Weekend Update

This weekend was by far one of my favorites in Seoul so far. I feel like they just keep getting better. Also, I can’t take credit for any photos in this entry. I took them all from Eileen because she was smart and took a camera, and I didn’t.

Yesterday I met up with coworkers and headed to Cheonggye. We were invited by our company to see Jump! I have spent the last 3 weeks thinking that this was a musical. One that was in New York and was now touring here. Yes, it is what we all thought because that makes sense to Americans. Boy were we ever wrong and in for a treat.

Jump, click the link for more information. Essentially though it was a martial arts performance with a storyline. It was really good and super funny. There was no singing but there were some pretty awesome martial arts action going on. There was one scene that needed audience participation. Well of course Rob, a tall American, got chosen to go on stage.  He was a good sport about it though and won some free merchandise. I was actually kind of jealous. The kids were all sitting up front and you could hear them laughing. It was so contagious.  By the end of the show I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I am not usually one for slapstick humor but their presentation was phenomenal.

This picture is of all the teachers at my academy. They are all really great.

The area we were in is also where the lantern festival started, so we got to see the floats and they were beautiful.  I feel awful for not taking my camera but I completely forgot. I was planning on going today but the weather got bad and way too cold for my liking. You will just have to imagine how pretty they were and I will for sure take pictures of the one in the Spring. 🙂

Next, we went to dinner.  All of the branches of my academy were invited. I think there are six or so branches.  We went to a buffet that was called Sky Lounge. It was on the 30th floor of a building and had an absolutely beautiful view. I tried new foods like baby octopus and stingray. Not a huge fan of either simply because of the texture. They tasted fine though. I also got to meet the owner of the company, who is also the company’s namesake. He was really nice and making jokes.  We thanked him for the night out and such before heading to meet up with others for a friend’s birthday.

and this is a view from the top floor where we had dinner.

I decided along the way to revert back to some old habits I once had in Europe.  Anytime there were 5 or 6 advert posters in a row posted on a building if I liked it I would take one down, roll it up, and stick it in my bag. I now have 3 lovely new decorative posters hanging on the walls not making them look quite so dull. Then we continued on to a night with many laughs and lots of dancing.

All in all things are going great here!

Home Sweet Home

My apartment in Korea is so nice.  It is spacious and has a setup that I really like.

It is a loft type of situation.  Normally the bed would go up in the loft but because the floors here are the source of heat it would be ridiculously cold in winter up there. Plus, I can’t stand up completely upright because of the low ceilings in that part of the room.  Instead I have turned the loft into a storage system for my clothes.

If you know me well you know I love, love, love clothes and of course I brought a ton of them with me to Korea.  They wouldn’t all fit in the space provided downstairs so now they are all organized and stacked upstairs. Its perfect.

My apartment is furnished with just about everything I need, which is really nice.

The bare walls are driving me crazy so I plan on collecting things soon to post up around so it feels more homier. Plus it is so much space compared to anything I have ever lived in it just feels empty.

It is nice though to have space and a kitchen and bathroom to myself!

Here are some pictures so you can get a good idea of the set up.

this is the view from the door down the little hallway and into my main room.

my little kitchen situation. It is very interesting adjusting to the lack of oven and microwave. No worries though I am resourceful.

My bed and little window table. The bedding was provided for me.  I can’t decide exactly what animal it is supposed to be. But it is soft and warm.

View from the bed. You can see my front door and the area that would be my loft bed but is instead my loft closet. The apartment is really kind of narrow but still really big because it is long.

The bathroom kind of drives me crazy…well not the bathroom so much as the ‘sorta shower’ I can totally handle the cultural differences and chalk most things up to an experience but this shower…seriously everything gets so wet when I shower. It is so frustrating. I am going to try and find a curtain or something to maybe act as a water catcher or something similar to that to cover the sink with so that not everything gets so soaked.

and finally my little washing machine. No dryers here in Korea, which is fine. I didn’t really use a dryer often in Denmark.  The only thing I wont like not being able to dry are my jeans. Oh well add it to the experience list. 🙂

Anyway, there you have my humble abode for the next year.