Last weekend I went with some co-workers to a Korean baseball game.  It was a total experience.  If you are in Korea, like baseball, and it’s in season I think it’s a total must.

Basically tickets are less than 10usd for the general admin seats.  We sat right outfield front/bottom row like right on the field.  We bought tickets the day of the game and settled in to watch the LG Twins play against the Doosan Bears.  Both teams are Seoul based teams so there were a good amount of fans that came out to support.  Neither team made it to the play-offs so there weren’t as many people as usual.

Korea baseball games are fun for 2 main reasons. First, everything about them is cheap.  We bought beer for cheap, unlike the ridiculously over priced stuff at games in the States.  Then, in Korea there aren’t hotdogs at a baseball game, there is fried chicken.  No one walks around selling during the game, but all of the vendors are set up just outside, so its way less annoying.  Second, they are fun because of the fans.  People love baseball here.  Love it.  Korea also loves entertainment.  This is evident in every facet of their lives.  Therefore, at baseball games there are these cheer dancers that come out for each team when they are up to bat.  Each team has a theme song, and even some individual players.  They all  have these huge clapping sticks and the fans have all kinds of cheers memorized.  There are even cheer wars.  I’m not talking like a small section starting something, I mean the whole freaking stadium.  It was a total experience for sure.

We got there about an hour before the game started.

So my friend/co-worker Joanne played photographer and didn’t realize how light weird my camera can be if you don’t know when/how to change the settings and stuff.  I should have checked it first.  Point is the pictures are reaaaallly bright and stuff so this is the best I could do with them.

LG fans.  You can see the dancers/singer guy on the blue platform thing in the center.

This kid was sooo cute.  He was chanting all the cheers and clapping his sticks for LG hardcore.

Me and Joanne after the game was over. I have no clue how she wasn’t freezing.  It was sooo cold outside.

It was lots of fun, most assuredly.  I wish I had gone to more while I was here.  So it goes.