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The Faucet Affair

I have created a faucet lapping monster.

Hans has always been weird about the bathroom.  He will sit outside the door while I shower and talk to me.  He will come in the bathroom and try and drink shower water off the floor but I don’t let him since its a shower floor which is gross.  And he is terribly afraid of a flushing toilet.

Well, lately his relationship with the bathroom has changed ever so slightly.  He has decided that he is giving up the gross life of post shower water for a cleaner more luxurious lifestyle of straight from the tap water.  I know many cats love this little source of hydration, but Hans had never showed interest before last week while I was getting ready for bed doing the nightly routine of teeth brushing and face washing.  Now he is like this addicted monster.  Any time I go into the bathroom he dashes in and jumps up to the sink and starts lapping at the faucet waiting for me to turn on the water.  He’s so silly.

Also, side note:  in order to get Hans in the smoothest way possible he needs to be wearing a collar and tags and such.  Well, he has never had to wear a collar before as far as I know.  So I got him one about a week ago to help him get used to the idea.  So far he just sits trying to chew it off.  It’s not too tight or anything he just really hates it.  He looks ridiculous trying to tear at it, but I am more afraid hes going to hurt himself.  Oh well, only 2 more weeks until we are home sweet home Stateside.


Herr Von Mouseman

With the rain and the lack of things and stuff I present you some pictures of Hans.  He leads a hard life you know what with all the cuddling and sleeping and stuff.

Sometimes he totally serves his purpose like when he swats flies out of mid air and then eats them.  A total win for me.  I really hate that I don’t have a screen on my window…none of the windows in my building do…I totally don’t get it.

Then he licks his lips like it was the tastiest thing ever. weirdo.

annnnd sometimes he just lays around watching me like a creeper.  The worst is when he sits on the cabinet tops and literally just stares at me.  I didn’t get a picture of that though.

Kitten attack!

Eileen’s mom found a kitten in the trash covered in ants and dust.  She took it home and cleaned it up.  It still has an umbilical cord attached and its eyes are closed up tight.  Basically it is no more than 3 days old.  She took it to the vet and they said it was good and strong and gave her instructions on how to care for it.

She needed Rachel and I to baby-sit for a couple of hours today and I couldn’t help but take pictures.  Srsly it is soooo small.  it has a tiny cry and drinks from a tiny bottle and has the tiniest little paws.  I wish I could keep it and care for it but A, if it died I would be devastated and B. I think my parents wouldn’t be pleased with me bringing home two cats.  Also, if it has a sickness I don’t want Hans getting sick and stuff.

it was no more than 5 inches long and just so sweet. It has this cuuuute little lion face and I just kept wrapping it up like a little burrito and rocking it and cooing at it….so basically it was a real little baby for me hahaha.

and to give you some perspective here is a picture of Rachel holding it earlier.

lion face! It’s nose almost seems too big for its little face.

and now for a Hans picture.  He is obsessed with bags.  He loves them paper and plastic, big and small alike.  Makes no difference to him. Tonight I look over and he is sleeping in this bag. He’s so weird sometimes.


Hans Von Mouseman

The kitty and I had a photo shoot yesterday.  He’s just so handsome.  He has been better about destroying things.  He loves eating plants…and the broom…and silly bands if he finds them. No matter how asleep he is, if I open a can of tuna he magically appears. He will sit and watch the washing machine even after it floods the bathroom flood with wash water, but is completely terrified of the toilet flushing.  He’s so strange.

He has also gotten more adjusted to my schedule which is helpful though his lazy self sleeps all day when I am home, like most cats would so we play fetch and hang out mostly when I get home from work.

soooo kitty picture overlooooooad!

I like the weird furry focus on this one.

and his head looks silly in this one.

I think some of them well end up on my Flickr maybe if I decide I think they are good enough. I haven’t added anything new there in awhile because I haven’t been feeling totally inspired lately to pick up my camera, but with the arrival of spring I hope that changes.

Kitty eskimo kisses

and furry kitty kisses. 🙂

Month 4 Check-In

So here is a little video update for you guys. I tried to upload it directly into the entry buuut it wouldn’t let me because it wasn’t the right type after I compressed it so blah blah blah point is I made a video update this month. 🙂

Also, there is really no appearance from Hans because we are not on speaking terms. He decided to get into the trash and scatter it alllll over my apartment, and claw a hole in the wall straight through to the concrete. I am hoping I can just paint over it and no one will notice since it is up in loft, but his clawing up of things is starting to drive me crazy. I need to get a claw file or something that actually exists to stop this madness.

anyway, enjoy the video!

Valentine’s Day

In Korea Valentine’s Day is a bit different.  First off, girls don’t get anything.  This days is only for boys.  Boys receive gifts from girls that like them. Then one month later there is a holiday called White Day. On this day boy’s will pick from the girls that gave them gifts and let them know they are the one they choose.  It’s very Sadie Hawkins and also I think a way for candy companies to get twice as much. I’m on to them. 🙂

Anyway, my Valentine’s Day was spent at work doing the norm and then I went to a larger grocery store than my normal shop with a couple of girl friends.  We were doing fine until the cheese then we all caved and brought home gouda and brie that was much outside of a normal priced block of cheese back home, but totally worth it.Also I found wheat bread and almost peed my pants with excitement.

Then we found the salmon sashimi platter. We knew we were done in for it then.  So we brought our goods home and had a little midnight snack of delicious treats.  We laughed and talked and I had a great hour with them. We finished up with delicious Belgian Chocolates that Sara gave both Rachel and I as a Vday gift.

Our amazing spread. I swear I gained all my weight back just looking at that cheese.

Lastly, my loft is now named Pride Rock like in the Lion King.  Hans has decided he likes to sit up there and gaze down upon his kingdom in a ‘everything the light touches is your son.” kind of way.  He looks so judgey up there gazing upon us and our treats.

He’s so cute.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

메리 크리스마스

I can now read Korean. Awesome. Well, I don’t always know what I am reading, but I can make the sounds! I have been working really hard to learn Hangul and it’s finally all done.

Anyway this post isn’t about that, it’s about Christmas.

Christmas was definitely interesting here, as I knew it would be.

I decided that I would host a breakfast Christmas morning. So there were to be eggs, pancakes, fried potatoes, fruit, and of course mimosas. Everything was planned and chopped and ready, and then my friends all called one by one to tell me for some reason or another they wouldn’t be able to make it. I was pretty upset, but then Sara called to tell me that she was still coming whether we made breakfast or not. So she brought a dozen eggs and she and I did our own thing, which was way nice.

Then Eileen came over to help me peel potatoes for the mashed one I was taking over for Christmas dinner.  Last week we made them for our cooking exchange, which I haven’t made a post about yet but I will soon I promise because we made gooood stuff.

So potatoes were ready, secret santa gifts in hand, and everyone was waiting out for a cab. and we set off for Matt and Sarah’s. They are a couple with a nice sized apartment that offered to host the day.

Sara, Me, and Rachel before the festivities really began.

We had a really nice dinner, popped crackers filled with funny silly things, and exchanged out secret santa gifts.

I got a suuuuper awesome gift from Sarah, a kimbap maker.  Kimbap is like sushi but with no raw fish and way different veggies…ok so maybe just the rice and seaweed parts are the same, still I am super excited about trying it out soon.

Then we had amazing dessert and cheese. Seriously I was more excited about the Brie than just about anything else on Christmas day.After that someone had the silly idea to go shoot off some fireworkers and light some sparklers.  It would have been way awesome if it hadn’t been 10 degrees quite literally outside.  We walked for what felt like forever along the river, which was way frozen. Then when we could literally feel our limbs going numb we went back to the apartment for drinks and games.

we played a couple of rounds of Taboo and some British games then started our own little dance party. Tons of fun. Then finally after 12 hours of Christmas fun Sara and I called it a night and headed home.  Others stayed up until 630 the next morning but I was just too tired for that.

All in all it was lovely.  I got a really awesome gifts from the boyfriend and his family, a very generous gift from my dad, and I have a much needed box of goodies on the way from my mom.

Oh and Christmas finally brought about a name for my cat via the boyfriend. He is now known as Hans Von Mouseman. I think it is very fitting of my coat wearing cat.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the massive snowstorms along the east coast.

Sir…no name

I have decided I want to rename my new kitty. Lately I have just been calling him Sir. I want his name to be Sir…something awesome. I am just not always very good at thinking at awesome permanent things.

Anyway I figured you all should get a little update on my new friend. He had a bit of trouble adjusting at first but now we are pretty settled into a nice routine.

He has a pink yoga mat he uses as a scratching pad. Luckily he doesn’t really scratch anything else anymore except me occasionally if he gets spooked while sitting in my lap.

He likes to play with boxes and in suitcases and he loves to hide under the bed.

he also loves to lounge in this one spot next to the table. The heating is in the floor here so I am not sure if that has something to do with him always picking the same spot or not.

and today I caught him mid yawn.

and then he gave himself a little bath

and he bites his nails. It makes a terrible sound.

Sometimes he is ridiculous. For instance, he loves drinking the water out of my basil plant cup. I am trying to root it and doing pretty well with it, but the cat keeps drinking all the water even though his water bowl is just across the room! I don’t get it.

and then if I am laying in bed on my computer or reading a book he feels the need to sit riiiiight on my chest. like so:

and I will have to be like…hey I cant seeee….so then he just lays down and we make it work.

He sleeps with me at night now. At first he was batting me awake with his paw every couple of hours but now that he is adjusted he stays under the covers til he wants to slink awake. Sometimes I will not be able to find him and then see this little lump shift under the covers and sure enough hes all snug like a bug in a rug and looks at me like “lady can’t you see I’m sleeping? Put the covers back down.” so cute.

He also doesn’t like my camera very much. He looks at it and then goes away. I’m sure he will get used to it in time. And right now fat cat is all sprawled out letting me know it’s bed time.

He even covers his eyes for dramatic effect I am convinced. Either way it is nice to come home and have him want to cuddle and wake up and want to cuddle and to keep me company on days like today when I have a lot to do in my apartment.

Now I just need to name him…

Super Saturdays

Today has been an exceptionally good Saturday.

First, when I woke up I got to just lay in bed and talk to this cute kid I know named boyfriend which was nice.

Then I had a knock on the door and my friend Eileen was here. She had left her computer charger at work and I don’t have a cell phone yet so, she couldn’t tell me she was coming over. So I was in a hurry trying to get out of my pjs and pick up my apartment.

Then the real fun began. Eileen came over for lunch because she heard I was going to attempt for real doenjang jiggae. I used this recipe and went to work. Eileen brought the rice since last time mine got so burnt and she was also kind enough to bring some delicious fruits. I might be in love with hard persimmons, which are still not tomatoes.

So I cut, sliced, chopped and boiled this beautiful pot of soup:

and we dined in style of course with my ridiculous plastic dishes.

Eileen is also a very straightforward person, therefore when she said to me “this is really good.” I knew it was really good. I had a Korean stamp of approval! 🙂 We even ate two bowls. I was pretty ecstatic.

See its good 🙂 so all you stateside folks you better bet this will be coming to your kitchens when I get home and I cook for you…and I do mean you mom.

Then after our yummy lunch and fruit I shared with Eileen one of my favorite things I brought from the states and that I have been saving. I cracked open my dark chocolate orange, and of course she loved it. Also, we were treated with amazing homemade chocolate chip cookies by a very nice guy.

While we were eating I had nice new friend show up. Meet Zeus:

he is 3 years old and beautiful. I was really hoping to get a kitten, but he needed a home and I wanted a furry cute tiny to love.

He is beautiful. and so far he has been hiding under my bed. He came out for a few minutes and was sniffing around and let me love on him, but when Rachel came and knocked on my door he dashed back under the bed and hasn’t been heard from since. I know he just needs some time to adjust.

Anyway, after lunch Eileen suggested we go on a walk. It was a pretty nice day out despite the rain that was around this morning. So we bundled up and started walking. Then she suggested we go visit her mom. I love her mom she is always so nice to me whenever I see her. She owns a salon so we went to go see how things were going and to get a cup of coffee. We also did our nails which was fun because I am now very sparkly.

But it gets better her mom as a ton of wigs in her shop, so we had lots of fun trying on all sorts of styles.

Then her mom sent us for dinner. I guess Eileen doesn’t come to visit her at work often so she gave Eileen some cash and said I had to try chicken. Korean chicken is aaaaamazing. So they take normal fried chicken and put this sweet and spicy sauce alllll over it. so amazing. so good. 🙂

I am going to go see her mom in about a month to get a haircut I think. I want to start off the new year right, and her mom does a good job. She is a lovely lady who looks 15 years younger than her age. She gave me awesome hair treatment stuff and put some apple essence stuff in my hair that makes it healthier I guess.

Then we walked home and Eileen went on her way.

It is nice to be making real friends here and knowing that there are people here who are genuine and amazing people. I am really glad Eileen likes to spend time with me. 🙂 She also has a lot of patience with teaching me Korean culture, history, and language which I really appreciate.

Happy Weekends.