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One of the biggest holidays in Korea is Chuseok.  Everyone has days off to celebrate together.  Essentially it translates to Korean Thanksgiving and celebrates the Korean autumn harvest.  Everyone travels to see family and spends time eating with them.

There is a special type of dduk, a rice cake called songpyeon, that they during this time as well.  My kids were writing about it in their journals for weeks leading up to the holiday.  They all were excited about the special dduk.  I had some and it was quite good.  They do put it in bags with pine needles which was a bit strange, but definitely tasty. The link to Wikipedia tells you all the deliciousness inside.

I had the honor of being invited to spend the day at Eileen’s grandmother’s house with her family.  I have spent time with them before if you remember at her grandmother’s 90th birthday party.  Her family has been really kind to me this year, and I am really thankful for them letting me be a part of their celebrations.

So I woke up early and met Eileen and her mom for our journey down to Suwon.  We took the subway for over and hour and then a bus for about 40 minutes.  Finally we arrived.  There was so much food.  Kimchi, of course, jeons of all kinds, egg battered veggies, sides galore, and this delicious soup yukgaejang,  which I call six things soup because its name sounds similar to the number six.  Eileen laughs every time, but it totally makes sense to me.  Her grandmother made it with chicken and it was so tasty.  We ate and ate and I was so full, but then her grandmother kept bringing out fruit and snacks and she kept personally handing me things being the good Korean hostess, but I was so full.  It is rude to not accept things offered to you in Korea so I just kept eating until I finally just said I’m sorry but I am just too full. Saying I’m full is one of the things I learned early on in my year here.  Haha you hear people saying it all the time. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures of the food because there weren’t many people there and I kind of wanted to just enjoy being there and not being the weird foreigner with a camera, so sorry about that, my words will just have to be enough.

Side note: The word for stomach in Korean is bai.  This word is also the word for sheep and pear.  So sometimes I just sit and giggle at all the ways you could get all three of these words mixed up in a sentence taken out of context in translation.

Anyway, so after so much eating, which was totally ok because it’s a holiday and those never count, plus the food was amazing, we were asked to go help pick some veggies.  Eileen’s grandma has small portions of these community gardens near her house.  It’s really interesting because these plots are on the sides of these hills almost up into the trees.  To get to one of them you have to climb up these makeshift dangerous rock stairs.  It was fine though I suppose because if her 90 year old grandma can climb them like a champ then we figured we should too.  Though I am still not sure how grandma did it, to be honest.

I did take pictures of this 🙂

Eileen borrowed some clothes from her grandma so that she wouldn’t mess up the nice clothes she was wearing.  Of course you can’t work in a garden without a hat, so we borrowed those too.

She totally looked like an ajumma, it was hilarious.

I was in charge of picking peppers in the first garden we went to.

Eileen and her grandma.

Then we went to the second garden, and there were so many mosquitoes it was crazy.  I think I ended up with 15 bites by the next morning.

Also, in the middle of the second garden there was this make shift sitting area.  I am pretty sure its where old men go to drink soju while they garden haha.

Again, we couldn’t stay long because of the mosquitoes. We did get some good veggies though.

After we were finished and had helped clean up her grandma start packing food bags for all of us. She even sent some left overs for me.  They were so delicious and I was surprised she even sent some for me.

Overall, it was a good day and I am really glad I got to experience my last holiday here properly.


Summer is here

Finally. It felt for a  long time like winter would never end and then it did.  Spring was very short lived here and now summer is on in full force.  I am not complaining, but the beautiful weather does have the sneaky effect of making you magically forget how awful winter was so that you fall in love with the city again.

This past weekend I spent as much time outside as possible.  I had a nice long weekend since Monday was Korea’s Memorial Day and I didn’t have to work. yay. Friday night after work I went to the movies with the girls and we walked home.  We have been walking to and from Nowon a lot lately and its really nice.  We have also been spending a lot of time walking down by the river.  It is super nice and they have been planting and painting and just doing some awesome beautification there.

Saturday Rachel and I went to Hangdae to try and catch music in the park and just walk around.  It’s a super nice area and I enjoyed being there and not being in a club with a ton of people.

There was a silent disco in the park so I took some photos.  I have totally always wanted to do one of these and while we couldn’t last Saturday as soon as they schedule another one I am totally in. Basically everyone gets wireless headphones and a DJ is playing music and only the people with headphones can hear it. So you see this sea of people dancing but you don’t hear a sound.  I think its  a really awesome idea.

These guys were awesome.  they were just jamming out in the park.  It reminded me a lot of being  in Asheville which was super nice. Then crazy 80s guy and drum guy went to jam with another drummer.

and crazy 80s guy definitely was playing the whistle…yep …the whistle. it was ridiculous.


Saturday I went with Rachel, Sara, and Jessica to watch Jessica’s boyfriend, Jackie, play soccer.  Jackie is such a super awesome guy.  He is a very atypical Korean man.

The park was beautiful that their field was in.

Then after the game we went out with all the guys to this chicken place.  The food and soju were never ending.  We did have these amazingly awful for you just delicious battered and fried french fries.  The guys were all sooo nice and funny.  They had minimal English and we have minimal Korean.  Dennis and Jackie were translating sometimes, but for the most part it was just gesturing and laughing and drinking.  It was soooo much fun.

They wanted to take group shots and I was more than happy to oblige. We are planning on having dinner again with them soon. After dinner, Jackie was even so awesome that he drove us all the way home.  By subway it would have taken us 2 hours, and even driving it took about an hour.

Also, here to get on major highways at major exits there are police stationed at night and before you can enter the highway you have to take a breathalyzer test.  I think its really smart and must cut back on the amount of alcohol related accidents that occur here.

Then on Sunday I spent most of the afternoon up on the roof with Sara chatting about things.  It was a good time, but now I look like a tomato…a sad tomato.


Happy 7 months

I have officially been in Korea for 7 months.

This past month has been a pretty good one.  The weather has been getting better and better, even if it is much more rainy.

Rachel and I decided to poke around and found our way up on the roof of our building.  there are signs posted to make you think an alarm will go off.  All lies. Instead we found amazing little garden boxes and weird chicken birds that look a little like hawks.  I want to take some pictures but haven’t remembered to take my camera up yet…cause you know it’s so far away and stuff. Point is, it has been nice that in this past month I have been able to grab a towel and a book and just sit on the roof trying to absorb some vitamin D that is fighting its way through the smog and pollution that is trying to fracture it in all directions or something.  Meteorology was two years ago at this point. how sad.

This month I realized I have officially been out of college for 2 years which means it is time to really think about going back.  I know that is some ways off since I would need to study for and take the GRE but still, I have been missing the role of being a student lately.

This month my friend Eileen celebrated her birthday with a masquerade party.  It was a lot of fun for the most part.  The best part though is that she took the opportunity to raise money for the Angel House, the orphanage that we have been volunteering at.  She raised over $300 which is just amazing.  She is such a great and giving person!

And of course I took some pictures of the night soooo here are a couple from the masquerade party:

Me, Eileen, and Rachel

Me and my coworkers minus Eileen.

Also this month I have been spending a lot of time with Rachel, Sara, and Catherine as pretty much all of them are leaving soon starting with Catherine this coming Tuesday.

A couple of weekends ago we went to a very affluent part of town where people drive porches, BMWs, and even Volkswagons which are expensive imports here.  We found this amazing little Italian place on a side street that was amazingly delicious.  I think we all were craving something that wasn’t Korean at all.  Of course we found one of our favorite, and very common mistakes on the menu:

Crap meat! In Korean the symbol that makes a B sound is also used to make a P sound sometimes soooo…crab meat and crap meat are often confused.

Buddha had a birthday recently and their was the national holiday here called Children’s Day, and that brought with it a small two day vacation that was both needed and necessary.   I never get a day off.  Even when I am sick with mild food poisoning like a couple of weeks ago, I have no choice but to show up.  In my contract I am given 3 sick days, buuuut my boss is…my boss.

Anyway, even though she can be SOOOO difficult sometimes, for once she was awesome and convinced our company to pay us before the holiday instead of paying us 5 days late because of the holidays and weekend. So we decided to take advantage of the early pay.  Rachel and I decided we would go to Everland.  Now I thought it would be an amusement park like a classic Six Flags or Carowinds, but alas it was very much geared toward children.  There was a redeeming factor though, the T Express.  It was raining when we went and we were lucky that the storms had pretty much passed by the time we finally arrived.  I love that Korea is so great about public transportation, but I made a joke about cross country skiing all the way there by the time I had take a bus, an hour long subway ride, and then another hour long bus ride, and a shuttle bus to finally arrive there in the first place.

I also realize that things like Everland should have their own post, but I just kept putting it off and now I am just trying to cram in a lot.  Sorry, guys!!

The T Express is legitimately the scariest thing I have ever been on.  For one there is a bar across your lap but not one on the actual car that you hold on to, just the lap bar.  You literally can’t stay in your seat going down the first hill.  It is awesome and so frightening.  Of course, we rode it twice.


The entrance.  It was still sprinkling then.

The T Express. You can’t even see the scary drop, but we were still definitely psyching ourselves out.

Part of the kids show and the other side of the T Express

There was a part of the park that had really pretty and awesome gardens.  It was also supposed to be Holland, which I feel is a really random choice, but whatevs.

Oh you know…we had too.  There are ones of Rachel too, but I don’t really feel okay posting them…so just me ^_^

Really awesome tree that was near the entrance.  The park closed at 9pm so we got to see it in the day time and at night and it was pretty awesome.  Also, we rode the T Express at both day and night which was awesome because it’s wayyyyy worse at night.

All is well and I still feel like time is flying.  The boyfriend is graduating soon and will be here to visit in 2 months.  I just can’t believe it’s already so close.

I know too that I need to start really trying to find a job soon.  I have been browsing and stuff, but soon I really am going to have to update the resume and get things going.  If you know anyone in Western NC that is hiring let me know. ha.

Until then though this month should be interesting and I am looking forward to it.

Valentine’s Day

In Korea Valentine’s Day is a bit different.  First off, girls don’t get anything.  This days is only for boys.  Boys receive gifts from girls that like them. Then one month later there is a holiday called White Day. On this day boy’s will pick from the girls that gave them gifts and let them know they are the one they choose.  It’s very Sadie Hawkins and also I think a way for candy companies to get twice as much. I’m on to them. 🙂

Anyway, my Valentine’s Day was spent at work doing the norm and then I went to a larger grocery store than my normal shop with a couple of girl friends.  We were doing fine until the cheese then we all caved and brought home gouda and brie that was much outside of a normal priced block of cheese back home, but totally worth it.Also I found wheat bread and almost peed my pants with excitement.

Then we found the salmon sashimi platter. We knew we were done in for it then.  So we brought our goods home and had a little midnight snack of delicious treats.  We laughed and talked and I had a great hour with them. We finished up with delicious Belgian Chocolates that Sara gave both Rachel and I as a Vday gift.

Our amazing spread. I swear I gained all my weight back just looking at that cheese.

Lastly, my loft is now named Pride Rock like in the Lion King.  Hans has decided he likes to sit up there and gaze down upon his kingdom in a ‘everything the light touches is your son.” kind of way.  He looks so judgey up there gazing upon us and our treats.

He’s so cute.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Lunar Vacation

Since I didn’t have a ton of funds I decided to stay home and do some cultural things around Seoul.  After a bit of research I found that the National museum was going to be hosting some traditional events.

My friend Sara and I enjoyed weather that was a balmy 40 degrees.  The sad part is that we really did think it was warm.  We were wearing light jackets and spending hours walking along the river near our apartments.  After having a month with 10-15 degree constant weather we were glad to feel some sun and soak up some vitamin D.

On the day of the actual Lunar New Year holiday the city…and I feel like it is safe to say the country was like a ghost town.  Literally there were a few cars but there were no people seen all day. Everything is closed and everyone is with their families doing traditional things.

The day after Sara and I headed to the National Museum of Korea.  It was huge and we only made it about half way through before we decided that it’s free and instead of rushing we could just come back another time.  We did have a few interesting things happen while we were there. First, the place was packed. Seriously, packed. So we were getting lunch waiting in line like all the Koreans and finally we order and sit down to wait on our food to be ready.  While we are waiting a fight erupts between two Korean men.  This is abnormal because I am very serious when  I say Koreans are not big on showing emotion in public.  The trains are usually silent for the most part and I have never seen them be overtly happy or sad or angry at all in public.  However. there were two men with their families pushing back and forth.  Sara said that in her 3 years here she has never seen anything like it. We were shocked and I felt bad for the little lady about half their heights trying to get them to calm down.   Everyone else in the room is acting like nothing is happening because another Korean tried and true rule is to mind your own business.  If it doesn’t concern you, then you don’t get involved.   In this instance I wish someone had helped that poor manager lady out.

Anyway, after lunch we went to see some traditional dancing, drumming, and calligraphy drawing before really digging in to the museum.

I had a bit of trouble taking pictures because there were so many people.  All the same these guys wear hats with ribbon dancer like things attached to them called a chae sangmo and the move their heads and dance around while other people play traditional instruments.  It is a farmer’s dance of sorts.  I did find a pretty short video that gives you a good idea of what I couldn’t capture in photos.

Then there were women that danced around slowly, and delicately of course, while playing a slow drum rhythm. All of the performers were also in traditional clothing and costumes.

Next came the most awesome part. The drum team.  These guys were waaaaay into their act and watching them was mesmerizing.

And this lady was by far my favorite. I could not take my eyes off of her she was so exciting to watch.

and here is a random shot of the crowd watching on the other side from where we were.

and here is me in front of a really tall guy in the museum. ^^


I also did some volunteer work but it has it’s own post coming soon.

Year of the Rabbit

This week has been a holiday week for most of Asia as it is time for the Lunar New Year. In Korea it is called gujeong. We got a 5 day weekend which has been super nice and much needed after having such an awful month of intensives.

If course per usual since he runs such an informative blog, Ask A Korean! wrote a brief but pretty to the point blog about the new year traditions in Korea.

This year is the year of the Rabbit.  I am super interested in this since I was born in the year of the Rabbit and so all of this talk about traits, and attitudes had me doing a bit of research on just what it means to be a Rabbit. I found this website to be the most useful.

I apparently am a fire rabbit. no arguments there I am also an Aries and if you know me you know I fit that to a tee.  So rabbit qualities:

creativity, compassion, and sensitivity

Rabbits believe strongly in friends and family and lacking such bonds can lead to emotional issues

Classy, sophisticated, expressive, well-mannered and stylish.

enjoy leaning about cultural issues and learning about people from other countries

Rabbits make excellent diplomats and politicians

Fire adds spark to the Rabbit’s personality and all that Fire Rabbits do. Fire compels Rabbits to seek new adventures. Prone to tantrums, Fire Rabbits prefer to avoid conflict.

Me? oh please, yes. The universe has me molded too well, of this I am sure. The only way I don’t always exhibit signs of the rabbit are when it comes to dealing with conflicts. Now, I do hate conflicts and confrontations make me nauseous, but I can do them when I have to.  Also, I kind of thrive on stress, even though I will be the first to admit it’s not healthy. I get things done under pressure and under stress and after a minor freak out. Can’t be perfect, right?

And what does the year of the rabbit mean for Korea? Apparently its a year to sit back and have few worries, the rabbit is after all quite lucky.  I hope this means we won’t have to deal with anymore irrational behavior from our kind neighbors to the North, at least through October.

However, as for my personal horoscope this site says I should probably not count on the luck and watch my back:

This year at work, there is a lot of pressure for the rabbit, social relationships may not be too good when dealing with bosses and fellow colleagues, disputes may occur.

This is a very bad fortune year for the rabbit. Not only it is difficult for you to earn bucks, you may encounter money loss that may cause you to result in financial crisis. You should be more aware of your spending as well as being extra careful whe dealing with money. Do not rely on others, and avoid doing any business. You should be careful on any investment or being a guarantor is not advisable. As for those that are doing business, you may consider to stay low profile and avoid any big investment. Strong advise to avoid stock investment or any form of gambling. NOTE TO SELF…don’t put your money in stocks this year. done and done.

This year health is not pleasant as there is an evil star in it. Health for the rabbit will be relatively poor, pay extra attention on the gastrointestinal problems, you are also prone to Xueguang. You should develop good eating habits, have healthy meal and eat on time. You will also be prone to limbs injury, be careful when handling metal tool, stay as far away as you can. When you are not in a good mood, you should avoid going out, such as the inevitable need to drive or travel. Pay attention to safety this year, avoid situation that may triggers your emotion and provoke unnecessary trouble. And second NOTE TO SELF avoid those metal tools.

oh man the things I have to look forward to this year. Good thing I don’t really put my trust in this kind of thing or I would be living under the covers until January 2012.

This is the New Year…

It was very strange last night talking to people at home who were in a different year than I was in because of the time difference.

Yesterday was a very long day thanks to my new day schedule, but I managed to take a nap after work for an hour. Then we all got pretty and headed to Nowon to hang out at one of our places, Metropolis.

we were supposed to be making funny faces.

We decided last night to make the night fun by completing a list of challenges. My team won, of course and it was loads of fun. We had to do things like…

Trade clothes with a random guy. done.

convince the owner to let you work behind the bar. done.

sing a song on the mic to the whole room. done

fit as many snacks in your mouth as you can. done and done.

and there were about 20 of these silly things in total. I had a pretty awesome team.


At midnight we toasted champagne

and at 4am we finally left to get some food before heading home. We went to this random chinese place.  The kind where you have to know a guy to find the place. It was sooo good.

Then I came home and talked to the boyfriend before finally going to bed around 6. All in all an awesome way to start 2011.

Happy New Year.

메리 크리스마스

I can now read Korean. Awesome. Well, I don’t always know what I am reading, but I can make the sounds! I have been working really hard to learn Hangul and it’s finally all done.

Anyway this post isn’t about that, it’s about Christmas.

Christmas was definitely interesting here, as I knew it would be.

I decided that I would host a breakfast Christmas morning. So there were to be eggs, pancakes, fried potatoes, fruit, and of course mimosas. Everything was planned and chopped and ready, and then my friends all called one by one to tell me for some reason or another they wouldn’t be able to make it. I was pretty upset, but then Sara called to tell me that she was still coming whether we made breakfast or not. So she brought a dozen eggs and she and I did our own thing, which was way nice.

Then Eileen came over to help me peel potatoes for the mashed one I was taking over for Christmas dinner.  Last week we made them for our cooking exchange, which I haven’t made a post about yet but I will soon I promise because we made gooood stuff.

So potatoes were ready, secret santa gifts in hand, and everyone was waiting out for a cab. and we set off for Matt and Sarah’s. They are a couple with a nice sized apartment that offered to host the day.

Sara, Me, and Rachel before the festivities really began.

We had a really nice dinner, popped crackers filled with funny silly things, and exchanged out secret santa gifts.

I got a suuuuper awesome gift from Sarah, a kimbap maker.  Kimbap is like sushi but with no raw fish and way different veggies…ok so maybe just the rice and seaweed parts are the same, still I am super excited about trying it out soon.

Then we had amazing dessert and cheese. Seriously I was more excited about the Brie than just about anything else on Christmas day.After that someone had the silly idea to go shoot off some fireworkers and light some sparklers.  It would have been way awesome if it hadn’t been 10 degrees quite literally outside.  We walked for what felt like forever along the river, which was way frozen. Then when we could literally feel our limbs going numb we went back to the apartment for drinks and games.

we played a couple of rounds of Taboo and some British games then started our own little dance party. Tons of fun. Then finally after 12 hours of Christmas fun Sara and I called it a night and headed home.  Others stayed up until 630 the next morning but I was just too tired for that.

All in all it was lovely.  I got a really awesome gifts from the boyfriend and his family, a very generous gift from my dad, and I have a much needed box of goodies on the way from my mom.

Oh and Christmas finally brought about a name for my cat via the boyfriend. He is now known as Hans Von Mouseman. I think it is very fitting of my coat wearing cat.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the massive snowstorms along the east coast.

2 months down and 10 to go.

This morning I have my Korean language book and a fresh cup of tea next to me and something I think might be resembling the beginnings of a respiratory infection inside of me. I have had a weird swollen throat for a couple of days and this morning congestion made my breathing wheezy and not in the I sound like a rapper kind of way.  My lungs were squeaking and my head was throbbing this will not be pleasant and I am hoping that like my last head cold situation it will dissolve itself in a weeks time…and not turn into pneumonia. My parents would say ‘Allison Nicole go to the doctor’ well yeah maybe if it gets worse, no need to be all hypochondriac for the moment. I am going to let this one play out and hope I don’t die. 🙂

The point is it makes sense that everyone gets sick in Korea. The number one thing you notice, or that I have noticed in my first 2 months here is that Koreans think it is rude to not cover your mouth when you yawn, however! they never cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. They just release those germs in the subway full of stale germy air or in your small classroom, again full of stale germy air. Getting sick here is unavoidable. Of this I am completely sure. My students have literally coughed on me while I have been collecting homework before. Nothing I can do besides whip out my hand sanitizer and pray that my immune system can handle the germs.

So yes. 2 months now I have been in this fair land. I have already learned a lot. I am working on my Korean language skills, and food skills too! I can officially count to 10..well in regular numbers. Koreans have 2 number systems. 1 for counting, money, and stuff. The second for counting items and objects. For instance if I want two thousand won I will say “ee” chun won, but if I want 1 bi bim bap I would say “han-ah” bi bim bap.   im not sure how the number translations are actually spelled, but that is how it sounds.

We have had a bit of snow, but more than anything Korea is just cold. I mean to the bone chilled kind of cold. It drives me crazy. Why I keep picking places with cold winters is beyond me. I am headed towards the equator next time I travel outside of the US for a longer period of time. I know some of you pretend that Korea is my last hoorah but let’s be honest, that just isn’t possible. Already being here for two months has me itching to travel somewhere else like China, Malaysia, Australia. It just isn’t in me to stay still. I have been reading Eat, Pray, Love though and it’s nice not to be alone in that need to travel and roam a lot. There is a ton of time for reading in Korea which is nice. And a huge bookstore in Itaewon that sells new and used English books. My friends and I all have nice little sets of books that we swap around.

This month has been really interesting and I wish I could have seen something historical and Korean, but once winter rolls in I roll up and hibernate. My sightseeing days have been put on hold for a bit, which is fine. There is still a lot to do in my own area. For instance, Harry Potter is opening this week finally in Korea and a whole ton of us are going after work Wednesday night. I’m looking forward to it.

Thanksgiving was this month which was lovely, and Christmas is coming up soon. There have been lots of name drawings for swaps and gifts and dinner preparations made. I think it will be a warm December in terms of being with people and celebrating being together when we can’t be with our own families. I am looking forward to ringing in the new year here, and what it brings with it.

So, here’s to month 3. I hope it will be full of great stories to keep sharing with you all.

Giving Thanks Pt. 2

Last Sunday I was able to join with another set of wonderful people for Thanksgiving part 2.

I arrived to see this little apartment all set up for a feast, and a feast it was indeed.

The other side of the room looked like a mirror image of this one. And the ‘tables’ are actually Sarah’s bed with the mattress removed and the bed frame separated. I thought it was a super smart way to accommodate everyone.

They ordered the turkey and most of the dinner from one of the army bases here. Another great idea. So Sarah told them that we needed a big turkey to feed like 30 people. So she talked him into trading us three small turkeys for the biggest turkey that they sell with the meals, which they usually dont let off base.

It literally even said BIG TURKEY on it. and seriously, it was the biggest turkey I have ever seen in my life.

And it was delicious. Thank you Army. There literally were over 30 people in and out eating food and we still only conquered a little over half of the bird.

The spread from my seat. Dressing, cranberry sauce, rolls, turkey, salad, gravy….so much good food. I ate myself silly.

Round one. and the dressing was very different than what I am used to but it was so good it didn’t even matter. However, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving normal style with the family next year.

And what is a post without telling you an Allison quirk. So, my family knows, or should know, I really, really, really  hate it when my foods mix. Like it kind of drives me crazy the whole time I am eating. So when I had a moment of trying to save my sweet potatoes from the gravy and failed and clearly looked flustered the girl next to me made a comment about how I was one of ‘those people.” why yes. yes I am. I just don’t like things mixing. I like to eat one thing at a time around my plate. It is weird but that is just how I work. Anyway, this is all to say I made a big step Sunday. I reused a plate. I reused plates for food no problem but dinner and dessert on the same plate. NEVER. I did it though. I pulled through. I also used a roll like a sponge and cleaned it pretty well, but that is besides the point.

yummy pumpkin pie from Costco.

They were not sure how much food they were going to be getting from the base so they had everyone bring extra so there was so much more food than anyone could eat and my mashed potatoes were never opened so I brought them home and looked up recipes for left overs. I found some good stuff and made some amazing potato soup! Yay holiday season.