I am in the final stretch of my time here.  At this point I only have around 35 days left.  I feel like I have done a lot here and done some self growing, but that’s for a later post. For now I just kind of want to give a general update about where I am at as this last month kind of begins.

At this point my relationship with Korea is in a very love-kind of dislike place.  I still love so much about this place.  The weather is finally perfect again and the sun is shining.  The food is still as good as ever.  And surprisingly things are going pretty smoothly at work.

However, my close friends, with the exception of Eileen, are all gone from Korea.  I was the last to come and I am now the last to leave.  This doesn’t mean I don’t have friends, they just aren’t as close to me as some of the others were.  Therefore, I am feeling a little more than ready to go back home to my friends and family that I have missed while I have been here.  Plus all of my friends from here live pretty close together at home and I get to see them pretty early into my return home.

I have already mailed home three 25lbs boxes full of clothes and things that have become important to me during my stay here. I am trying to have as little to pack so that I don’t have to worry about crazy luggage and Hans.

Speaking of Hans, I took him to get his shots and things for traveling last week and he was a total trooper during out vet visit.  I am excited that it is working out I get to bring him home.  As crazy as he can be I have grown super attached to him, and so has Andy.  I think he would miss him too if I didn’t bring him home.  Hans hasn’t been the best since he left.  He isn’t the best with change, then again what cat is?

I have been job hunting and it is tiring.  Really tiring. and I know things aren’t looking the best economy wise and I know even though I have a pretty cool resume that I am still young and technically inexperienced, but I really just want to find something sooner rather than later.

I am already trying to figure out how the best way to get some of my staples home with me, and at home once I settle back in there.  I am going to miss so much food here, as much as I am looking forward to eating some really good mexican food as soon as I get off the plane.

So all of that being said, I am definitely on the wind down and trying to prepare myself for the whole dose of reality I will be getting in about a month. I am going to try and keep enjoying things here and try and do as much of the things on my Korean To-Do list as I can.

Cheusok is coming up, which is Korean Thanksgiving, and I am going to be going with Eileen to her grandmother’s house.  I am super excited and looking forward to it for sure.  Hopefully I will have lots to post about it. ^_^